The New Age of Terror

    The New Age of Terror (2017)

    A Two-part documentary event examining the chapter of history ushered on 9/11, when terrorism became the backdrop of our lives. From Al Qaeda to ISIS, a new brand of enemy has transformed terrorism from a distant and infrequent threat to a global scourge. Fueled by technology, this new enemy is now impossible to contain and impossible to fight, as it has no borders and there no rules of engagement. For sixteen years, the U.S. and their allies have overhauled security and the new normal is militarized police and constant vigilance. But despite the five trillion dollar investment the U.S. has made to keep us safe, the stakes are higher than ever. Homegrown lone wolf terrorists like the Boston Bombers and Omar Mateen lurk amongst us and nowhere feels safe. New leaders like Donald Trump have entered the world stage with promises to put an end to the epidemic of terror. But when traditional military methods are failing to curb the spike in attacks, the question lingers – are we trapped in a forever war?

    Genre: Documentary

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    Duration: 90 min

    Quality: HD